onsdag 6 juli 2011

1931 KF calender

I found this calender from 1931 in a
  second hand shop in Vingåker.
I loved its design, even if it really is worn out.
There is not so much written in it,
mostly weather reports
and the name MajRos,
which is a cows name,
and her name appears as I believe
the dates she is to meet the bull.
Maybe the calender has been kept in the farmers pocket
or hanged on a nail by the door in the farmhouse. 

The calender is edit by Kooperativa förbundet, KF, a still existing cooprative organisation in Sweden for consumers.

Other places in Sweden 1931:
In Ådalen five persons were shot to death by soldiers, during a workers protest action. 
Skotten i Ådalen eller Ådalen 31 kallas händelseförloppet kring en arbetskonflikt i Ådalen i mitten av maj 1931, där fem personer sköts ihjäl av militär som stod under polismans befäl.

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